We mainly buy secondary raw materials: steel scrap and non-ferrous metal scrap.

We encourage all interested parties to cooperate - both individual clients and companies. We provide efficient and professional service.

Why is it worth using the services of our scrapyard?

  • we have permission to collect and transport waste
  • we have a weighing facility of 60 tonnes
  • we can provide containers
  • prices can be negotiated for larger quantities 

We issue:

  • KPO - waste transfer card
  • waste acceptance form

Purchase of scrap metal

Our company purchases steel scrap, cast iron and all other secondary raw materials of precious metal origin. We buy:

  • steel scrap
  • stainless steel scrap
  • copper scrap
  • brass and bronze scrap
  • aluminum scrap
  • aluminum cans
  • zinc and lead scrap
  • tin scrap
  • used batteries
  • porcelain catalysts
  • nickel


At our customers' request, we provide containers or send self-loading cars. We have at our disposal 10 vehicles with different tonnage used for a different purpose.
Our fleet includes the following vehicles:
  • Containers with HDS
  • Tractor units
  • Vehicle trailers


Structures or large-size steel elements are also valuable materials. Our employees assess each "demolition" on site and then we send our employees to perform cutting and dismantling. We have all the necessary tools to demolish any buildings, structures or machines. The demolition team will take care of and clean all the yards after demolition so that our customers are satisfied with our services.