Vehicle scrapping

We are a professional vehicle disassembly station. You will scrap your car with us, and you will also receive the necessary documents needed for deregistration. We pay in cash and offer attractive rates. We provide transport and collection of vehicles at the customers’ premises.

We have the current permit of the Governor of the Pomeranian Voivodeship authorising to dismantle and scrap vehicles. We issue certificates, i.e. the basic documents needed for deregistration of a vehicle at the Transport Department.

We accept all types of vehicles for scrapping. We pay in cash for every scrapped vehicle. We issue our certificate at the customers’ premises, and we provide free collection of a vehicle using our own transport. We operate in the Pomeranian Voivodeship and the surrounding area.


Documents needed for scrapping:

  • proof of identity of the vehicle owner or the person authorised in writing and acting on behalf of the owner,
  • registration card or, in its absence, a photocopy of the card or a certificate from the transport department in which the vehicle is registered to confirm the details of the vehicle,
  • vehicle card (if issued) - if lost, scrapping is possible,
  • vehicle plates. If lost, scrapping is possible,
  • in the event of death of the vehicle owner, a judicial decision on the acquisition of inheritance is required,
  • in the absence of the vehicle owner, written authorisation is required from the owner to the person transferring the vehicle on his/her behalf and a photocopy of the owner’s ID card in order to check the authorisation data,
  • when the car is registered in the name of more than one owner, the presence of all owners is recommended in order to sign the documents required for scrapping. In the absence of any coowners of the vehicle, written authorisation is required from the absent owner to the person transferring the vehicle on the absent owner’s behalf and a photocopy of the authorising person’s identity card to check the authorisation data,
  • if the obligation to re-register the vehicle after the purchase has not been met - a purchase - sale agreement (if there is more than one agreement, it is important that the continuity of agreements is maintained),
  • If there is a bank lien entry in the registration document, it is necessary to obtain a removal of the entry by the transport department.

Documents received after scrapping:

  • certificate of acceptance of the vehicle to the disassembly station,
  • cancelled registration card,
  • cancelled registration plates,
  • cancelled vehicle card, if issued.

To deregister a car, you need to report to the appropriate transport department with the certificate of acceptance of the vehicle for scrapping and registration plates within 30 days.